Surrender and you no longer have any cares
Surrender is to one's own original Being
Surrender and all will be well

Surrender and you no longer have any cares


Talk 43.

Mr. T. Raghaviah, Diwan of Pudukottah State asked.

Men of the world that we are, we have some kind of grief or another and do not know how to get over it. We pray to God and still are not satisfied. What can we do?

M.: Trust God.

D.: We surrender; but still there is no help.

M.: Yes. If you have surrendered, you must be able to abide by the will of God and not make a grievance of what may not please you. Things may turn out differently from what they look apparently. Distress often leads men to faith in God.

D.: But we are worldly. There is the wife, there are the children, friends and relatives. We cannot ignore their existence and resign ourselves to Divine Will, without retaining some little of the personality in us.

M.: That means you have not surrendered as professed by you. You must only trust God.


Talk 363.

All discussions are only to get rid of ignorance. When that is done everything will be clear. It is a matter of competence, or ripeness.

D.: Cannot Grace hasten such competence in a seeker?

M.: Leave it to Him. Surrender unreservedly. One of two things must be done. Either surrender because you admit your inability and also require a High Power to help you; or investigate into the cause of misery, go into the source and merge into the Self. Either way you will be free from misery. God never forsakes one who has surrendered. Mamekam saranam vraja.

D.: What is the drift of the mind after surrender?
M.: Is the surrendered mind raising the question? (Laughter.)


Talk 450.

A Polish Lady who started following Hinduism apparently had a vision of Siva a couple of times. It was blissful for her. She told Maharshi that she wanted the vision to be everlasting.

Maharshi said as follows.

“To BE” is to realize – Hence I AM THAT I AM. I AM is Siva. Nothing else can be without Him. Everything has its being in Siva and because of Siva.

Therefore enquire “Who am I?” Sink deep within and abide as the Self. That is Siva as BE-ing. Do not expect to have visions of Him repeated. What is the difference between the objects you see and Siva? He is both the subject and the object. You cannot be without Siva. Siva is always realized here and now. If you think you have not realized Him it is wrong. This is the obstacle for realizing Siva. Give up that thought also and realization is there.

D.: Yes. But how shall I effect it as quickly as possible?

M.: This is the obstacle for realization. Can there be the individual without Siva? Even now He is you. There is no question of time. If there be a moment of non-realization, the question of realization can arise. But as it is you cannot be without Him. He is already realized, ever realized and never non-realized.

Surrender to Him and abide by His will whether he appears or vanishes; await His pleasure. If you ask Him to do as you please, it is not surrender but command to Him. You cannot have Him obey you and yet think that you have surrendered. He knows what is best and when and how to do it. Leave everything entirely to Him. His is the burden: you have no longer any cares. All your cares are His. Such is surrender. This is bhakti.

Or, enquire to whom these questions arise. Dive deep in the Heart and remain as the Self. One of these two ways is open to the aspirant.

Sri Bhagavan also added: There is no being who is not conscious and therefore who is not Siva. Not only is he Siva but also all else of which he is aware or not aware. Yet he thinks in sheer ignorance that he sees the universe in diverse forms. But if he sees his Self he is not aware of his separateness from the universe; in fact his individuality and the other entities vanish although they persist in all their forms.


Surrender is to one's own original Being
Surrender and all will be well
Surrender and you no longer have any cares

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  • September 7, 2018 at 1:23 pm

    Thank you for this very timely reminder that there is help “out there “: the world is in desperate need of healing. Ramana is the Doctor, an oasis of sanity and salvation. Peace!


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