Sri Ramana Maharshi … Loving, Kind, Merciful, Understanding, Real Being…

This website presents the Teachings and Guidance of Sri Ramana Maharshi. His words are healing, helping and loving.  They are a great guidance for Meditation and Life. One who has come under His influence finds peacefulness appearing gradually. 

Sri Ramana Maharshi is the epitomy of Love, Kindness, Peacefulness, Perfection and Understanding. When He is contacted mentally, his Grace and Help comes rapidly.

He communicated with his Devotees through his Deep Silence and Peace. Once in a while, he answered some questions raised by sincere devotees. He taught and wrote only when a true devotee or an ardent seeker requested him to do so. 

The Beauty of this Great Being is that he treated everyone with perfect equality, no matter what age, gender, race, religion, class, caste or creed they belonged to.

His Teachings came my way very gently like a soft breeze on a sunny day. His atmosphere and aura landed on me like a fruit in the palm of my hand.  Even though He was not there physically, it felt very peaceful and natural to follow His Words and think of His Sweet Nature.  Somehow I always feel I can count on Him.

Sri Ramana is my Best Friend.  The truth is, He becomes the best friend of anyone who contacts Him mentally.

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