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Sri Ramana Maharshi … Being…Consciousness…Bliss. SAT-CHIT-ANANDA. Even Beyond…THE SUPREME REALITY.

This website presents the Teachings and Guidance of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, God appearing in Divine Human Form to Guide a Sincere Seeker of Eternal Life and Hapiness. 

Ramana’s Words are healing, loving and enlightening.  They are a great guidance for MEDITATION AND LIFE. One who has come under Ramana Maharshi’s influence finds CALM AND PEACEFULNESS appearing automatically. 

Sri Ramana is my Best Friend.  The truth is, He becomes the best friend of anyone who contacts Him mentally.



VIDEOS (in English, Tamil, Hindi and Spanish) ARE CONSTANTLY BEING ADDED. Please CLICK on the VIDEOS on the TOP MENU, OR EACH SUBMENU UNDER VIDEOS, to take you to YOUTUBE directly. Thank You!






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Mount Everest
Mount Everest


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