Sri Ramana Maharshi
God : With Form or Without Form?
How come you came to me, Bhagavan Ramana?

Why we need Sri Ramana Maharshi

The Real Peaceful and Serene Being is One residing in all, the Path is One, all that needs to be done is to realize this and be happy. Easier said than done! The Ego or the mind has become very powerful in the extrovert sense, pulling one in various directions deeper and deeper into the quagmire of worldly desires, egocentric activities and negative emotions. Therefore, it has become weak in the introvert sense, because how can one be peaceful when thinking furiously in so many diverse ways on so many disturbing matters?

Sometimes Wealth,  Fame, High Expectations in School and Life – become a heavy burden to handle, because of consequent high expectations of grand results or keeping up with them. So, for immediate relief, drugs, alcohol etc. are used by some people to alleviate the burdens of their minds. But these temporary aids also lead to greater pain and suffering until the individual collapses.

There are also those of us who are tired of the monotony and emptiness of worldly activities, meaningless pursuits, the anxiety of expectations and the misery of disappointments and the physical and mental pains of natural and worldly calamities. We long for peace of mind and unconditional happiness. We want to have a good control of our minds. But having become a victim of the habit of following thoughts where ever they might take us, the tyrant mind has taken control of us instead.

So real help is needed. Hence the myriads of religions and scriptures. However, to explain them or to offer practical help, guidance has to be given by someone who has achieved and experienced Perfect Peace and dwells in It. Knowing the sincere seeker’s longing for peace of mind, guidance arrives in the form of a great Sage, to slow down the wanderings of the mind and restore at least some of the natural happiness. It arrives in the form or manner the seeker will be most benefited.

Such a great Sage is Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. His words are sweet. They ring with truth. His majestical form is beautiful. It shines with Glory. His name means Pleasing. It resonates with Divinity. He guides everyone by his behaviour and actions, in addition to his teachings. He treats everyone equally. It is said that perfect Peacefulness and Equal treatment towards everyone are the most important qualities to determine the calibre of a Guru. Sri Ramana has them along with all other perfect traits.

One of the things that fascinates me is that when I open a book with His teachings for some guidance, He gives it to me straight. He is kind, but never compromises the truth. Better not go to Him, if I want to dance to the tunes of my Ego! I have read about people asking the same question in numerous different ways to make Him say the things they want to hear. But no Sir/Madam, Ramana is Fearless. Also he really cares about you too much to fool you.

One other thing is that He lowers Himself down to the spiritual level of the seekers to help them! I mean, sometimes the descent is steep! It’s like Einstein teaching a kindergarten child! But Ramana is more understanding to those who are simple and humble. How Kind!

It would be wise to have a clear requirement spiritually and genuine determination to follow His direction and instruction. Then there He is, supporting, guiding, bearing all our burdens, reducing the impacts of our turmoils, forgiving our mistakes and never ever forsaking us or giving up on us. You can see that I am talking about Sri Ramana Maharshi in the present tense, because He always Is at our humble beck and call. Yes, He is Love itself!

I think I am the luckiest of all to get a Guru like Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

God : With Form or Without Form?
How come you came to me, Bhagavan Ramana?
Why we need Sri Ramana Maharshi
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