Glossary 2

Glossary 2

Kaivalya Upanishad - Meaning in English

  • ~contemplation~

    The word, contemplation, is often used loosely as referring to a forced mental process, whereas samadhi lies beyond effort. However, in the language of Christian mysticism “contemplation” is the synonym invariably used for samadhi, and it is in this sense the word is used here.

Conversations with Ramana Maharshi are rare and priceless. He seldom wrote anything on his own accord. But out of His immense kindness and love, sometimes he answered questions from Devotees on Meditation, Devotion to God and Life. Reading them, contemplating on them and try to practice them are bound to offer great guidance to every true seeker of Real Happiness.

Sometimes Sri Ramana Maharshi used words in Sanskrit or devotional words and scriptural texts. This Glossary provides some insight into those.