Glossary 2

Glossary 2

Kaivalya Upanishad - Meaning in English

  • Jagrat

    ~~~ One of the three states of existence. Jagrat is the Waking State. Swapna is the Dream State while Jagrat is the Waking State and Sushupti is the Deep Sleep State.
  • Jagrat~Sushupti

    Jagrat: Waking State. Sushupti: Deep Sleep. Jagrat~Sushupti: Experiencing the peacefulness of deep sleep in the waking state.
  • Japa

    Japa is the chanting of a Name or Mantra (a sacred word or phrase consecrated as sacred and beneficial for the Spiritual Path). It is an aid to help concentration of the mind and helps focus on a single thought to quieten the mind and prevent it from wandering into its favorite worldly thoughts and objects, which in turn produces peace of mind, tranquility and happiness. This also enables one to gain strength of mind to tackle the daily activities efficiently, unperturbed and with focus.

  • Jiva

    ~~~ Individual Self; soul; a person Jeeva, Individual Self, Person
  • Jnana

    Knowledge, Self-Realization, Knowledge of the Real Self.
  • Jnani

    One who has attained Self-Realization. A wise, all-knowing, enlightened Being.


Conversations with Ramana Maharshi are rare and priceless. He seldom wrote anything on his own accord. But out of His immense kindness and love, sometimes he answered questions from Devotees on Meditation, Devotion to God and Life. Reading them, contemplating on them and try to practice them are bound to offer great guidance to every true seeker of Real Happiness.

Sometimes Sri Ramana Maharshi used words in Sanskrit or devotional words and scriptural texts. This Glossary provides some insight into those.