Arunachala Ashtakam

Arunachala Pancharatnam

Sri Ramana Maharshi


Ocean of nectar that is full of grace, engulfing the whole universe in Your splendid all-pervading rays of knowledge! Oh Arunachala, the Supreme Self Itself! May You exist as the Sun and open the lotus of my Heart in bliss!

Oh Arunachala, the Red Mountain, in You alone the picture of the universe is formed, has its existence, and is dissolved. This is the sublime Truth. You are the Inner Self, who dances in the Heart as ‘I.’ So, it is said that ‘Heart’ is Your name, O Lord!

With a one-pointed and untroubled mind that is turned inward, if it is searched deeply and understood well as to where the consciousness of ‘I’ arises from, that “I-ness” will lose its form and dissolve in You, Oh Arunachala, just like a river that merges into the ocean.

Oh Arunachala, the Lord of self-shining brilliance! Abandoning external matters, one who meditates within, on You, with mind and breath controlled, that yogi sees Your divine light, attains salvation, and finds his bliss in You.

Having offered and surrendered the mind and heart to You, always seeing You, seeing everything as Your form, who always loves and glorifies You as none other than the Self, such a one is the master without rival, being one with You and dwelling in Your bliss, Oh Arunachala!

Note: Verse below was written in Sanskrit by Daivarata, and then written into Tamil verse by Bhagavan Ramana.

Arunagiri Ramana bestowed Arunachala Pancharatnam in Sanskrit, which contains nothing but the quintessential wisdom of Vedanta and the Upanishads. He joyously offered it again in sweet Tamil Venbas, for the benefit of the world.

Note: The verse below was written by Bhagavan in response to a devotee’s question concerning the meaning of the word ‘Ramana’.

Individual Verse.
In the recesses of the lotus-shaped Hearts of all, beginning with Vishnu, there shines as pure intellect (Absolute Consciousness) the Paramatman (all-pervading Self), who is the same as Arunachala Ramana. When the mind melts with love for Him, and reaches the inmost recess of the Heart wherein He dwells as the beloved, the subtle eye of pure intellect opens and He reveals Himself as Pure Consciousness.

Below are verses by Devotees.

Praise of the Lord
By Sri Muruganar

May powerful Arunachala’s name, which liberally bestows grace, live forever!
May the Five Hymns bearing his name live forever!
May the feet of exalted Ramana, from whose tongue the Five Hymns flowered forth, live forever!
May the virtuous devotees who abide firmly in those feet live forever!

Praise of the Lord
By Sri Venkataramana Iyer

Long live Ramana, the Great Master! Long live Aruna, the Great Hill!
Long live the Master’s words and songs! Long live His earnest devotees!

Arunachala Ashtakam
Arunachala Pancharatnam

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