Ramana Gita - Chapter 3 - The Paramount Duty
Ramana Gita - Chapter 2 - The Three Paths

Ramana Gita – Chapter 3 – The Paramount Duty

Sri Ramana Gita – Chapter 3

Verse 1: For the delight of the wise, the conversation between Daivaraata and Acharya Ramana is recorded in this chapter.

Verse 2: (Question) “Bhagavan, what is the paramount duty of a human being caught up in the cycle of births and deaths? Please decide on one, and expound it to me.”

Verse 3: Bhagavan replied, “For those desiring the highest, discovering one’s own true nature is most important. It is the basis of all actions and their results.”

Verse 4: (Question) “Briefly, by what spiritual practice does one become aware of one’s own true nature? What effort brings about the exalted inner vision?”

Verse 5 and 6: (Answer) 
“Withdrawing all thoughts from sense objects through effort, one should remain fixed in steady non-objective enquiry.”
“This, in brief, is the practice for knowing one’s own nature. This effort alone brings about the exalted inner vision.”

Verse 7 : (Question) “Best of sages, will the observance of the code of conduct prescribed in the Scriptures continue to be helpful till success is achieved?”

Verse 8 : (Answer) “Prescribed rules of conduct do help the effort of earnest seekers. The do’s and dont’s drop off by themselves for those who have attained success.”

Verse 9 : (Question) “Cannot success be obtained by repetition of sacred syllables to the same extent as by exclusive, steady non-objective self-enquiry?”

Verse 10 and 11 : (Answer)
Earnest seekers who, incessantly and with a steady mind, repeat sacred syllables or ‘OM’, will attain success.”
“By repetition of the secret syllables or the pure ‘OM’, the mind is withdrawn from sense objects and becomes one with the Self.”

Sri Ramana Gita
Recorded in Sanskrit by Sri Ganapati Muni in the model of Bhagavad~Gita.
Questions by: Great Disciples of Sri Ramana Maharshi Between the years 1913 and 1917
Commentary in Sanskrit : Sri Kapali Sastriar
Translation in English : Sri A. Natarajan

Ramana Gita - Chapter 2 - The Three Paths

Ramana Gita – Chapter 3 – The Paramount Duty

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