What is Self-Realization
What is Happiness

What is Self-Realization

Who Am I ? (contd.)

25. What is wisdom-insight (jnana-drshti)?

Remaining quiet is what is called wisdom-insight. To remain quiet is to resolve the mind in the Self. Telepathy, knowing past, present and future happenings and clairvoyance do not constitute wisdom-insight.

26. What is the relation between desirelessness and wisdom?

Desirelessness is wisdom. The two are not different; they are the same. Desirelessness is refraining from turning the mind towards any object. Wisdom means the appearance of no object. In other words, not seeking what is other than the Self is detachment or desirelessness; not leaving the Self is wisdom.

27. What is the difference between inquiry and meditation?

Inquiry consists in retaining the mind in the Self. Meditation consists in thinking that one’s self is Brahman, existence-consciousness-bliss.

28. What is release (self-realization, liberation, salvation)?

Inquiring into the nature of one’s self that is in bondage, and realizing one’s true nature, is release (self-realization, liberation, salvation).

What is Happiness

What is Self-Realization

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