Ramana laughs with a devotee

Children were kind to Ramana

Bhagavan narrated, very dramatically as is usual with him, an incident which occurred when he was about 22 and living in the Virupakshi Cave. It seems he was sitting on a rock near the cave and a boy of about 8 or 10 years came there, looked at Bhagavan and, not being able to bear the sight of such a young and bright person taking to such a hard life of penance, was so moved to compassion that he started to sob and sobbed violently for some time.

Bhagavan said, “Who could say what was the reason for his sobbing and why tears flowed out of him merely at his seeing me?”

Bhagavan continued in a reminiscent mood later in the day and added that another boy, also about 8 or 10 years old, met Bhagavan another day in his Virupakshi cave days and took such pity on Bhagavan that the following conversation took place between them. Bhagavan was sitting on a rock near the cave, all alone, and the boy came and met him there.

Boy: Why are you here, all alone, like this?
Bhagavan: I had some trouble at home and so have come away like this.

Boy: Then how about your food?
Bhagavan: I eat if anybody gives me anything to eat.

Boy: I have a good master. I shall take you to him. First, you may have to volunteer your services free. If he approves of your work, he will give you three paisa’s (coins like pennies) a day and gradually he will increase it to six paisa’s, and so on.
Bhagavan: Yes, please do so.

Bhagavan added, “There was no doubt that the boy was very much concerned over what he considered my sad plight and that he was moved by great and genuine pity.”

Day by Day with Bhagavan
June 5, 1945

Ramana laughs with a devotee

Children were kind to Ramana

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