Author Vasundhara


Vasu (Vasundhara) cherishes the Teachings of Great Sages. She deeply loves and practices the Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi while revering Great Sages who offer great guidance for self-enquiry and dispassion. Even when she was a Software Engineer, Singer, and Writer, she always earnestly followed her Guru’s Teachings. Then she started serving humanity through her several websites and her YouTube Channels in the areas of Self-Enquiry, Meditation, Mind-Control, and other Spiritual Quests and Practices.

Vasu has herself designed and developed this website and 8 other websites in various areas of interest – Meditation, Self-enquiry, Timeless teachings of Sages and Scriptures, Positive Life, Music and Vegetarian Vegan Recipes in order to offer her services to sincere seekers of happiness and self-knowledge.  



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