Kartikeya means son of krittikas (angels), where the sanskrit word “krittika” means creativity. Kartikeya is the manifestation of God as the commander-in-chief of the Devas (divine deities). He is also known by several other names, one of them being Murugan. The several names would include the following:  Senthil, Vēlaṇ, Kumāran (“prince, child, young one”), Swaminatha (“ruler of the gods”), Saravanan (“born amongs the reeds”), Arumugam or Shanmuga (“six-faced”), Dandapani (“wielder of the mace-weapon”), Guhan or Guruguha (“dweller of the Heart-Cave”), Subrahmanya, Kadhirvelan, Kandhan, Kartikeya (“son of the Krittikas”) and Skanda (“attacker”). He was also known as Mahasena.

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