Ramana come quickly
What is Om... Aum... ॐ...
Sacred Mantras

Ramana Please Come Quickly

Prayer – Vasundhara

Ramana come quickly Ramana come quickly lamp


Ramana please come quickly
Ramana please come quickly

Please come quickly, come and resolve my problem
Come, and in the darkness of my mind, light the lamp and illumine it
Arunachala Siva, Venkata Ramana
In all the worlds, you exist as the All-Pervading Self (Ramana)

A thousand devotees, even though they brought so many doubts
Lord, by your merciful look, you showed grace and made them peaceful
No matter what I did at any time, even if the whole world became mine
Without lasting peace of mind, I took refuge at your sacred feet (Ramana)

Mother and father, family and relatives
Children and friends too, I obtained in your form 
All my thoughts, words, deeds, I submit them at your feet
Oh golden personification of kindness, show grace and forgive my faults (Ramana)

As and when thoughts arise, to ask why and remove them immediately
And to seek the ‘I’ Light and be centered in the Real Self, please help me
The terrible awful destiny, to make it false and get well-being
By showing the path of true knowledge, make me realize the Self (Ramana)

In the prison of my mind, unhappy, distressed and suffering
I trusted your holy feet, please shower your grace
The ocean of birth and death, the restless sea of waves called the mind,
To transcend these and in my Inner Heart Cave, help me to attain Self-Realization (Ramana)


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What is Om... Aum... ॐ...
Sacred Mantras
Ramana Please Come Quickly

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