Self-Enquiry not intellectual
Self-Realization not inactivity

Self-Enquiry not intellectual

Self-Enquiry is not intellectual. It is inward and subtle.

D: If I go on rejecting thoughts can I call it Vichara (Self-Enquiry)?

M: It may be a stepping-stone. But really Vichara begins when you cling to your self and are already off the mental movement, the thought-waves.

D: Then Vichara is not intellectual ?

M: No, it is Anthara vichara, inner quest.

D: That is Dhyana?

M: To stick to a position unassailed by thoughts is Abhyasa or Sadhana (Practice), you are watchful. But the condition grows intenser and deeper when your effort and all responsibilities are taken away from you; that is Aroodha, Siddhi (Attainment) state.

Sri Ramana Gita
Recorded in Sanskrit by Sri Ganapati Muni in the model of Bhagavad~Gita.
Questions by: Great Disciples of Sri Ramana Maharshi Between the years 1913 and 1917

Self-Realization not inactivity

Self-Enquiry not intellectual
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